Floor Technologies is a Maxxon authorized dealer for Minnesota and western Wisconsin.  They install Gyp-Crete gypsum floor underlayment, Level-Right self-leveling underlayment, and Acousti-Mat sound control systems

Koch Construction Co. Inc.



gypsum floor underlayment
laser leveling for self-leveling floor underlayment

Koch Construction will shoot elevations to properly bid your project and set elevations as required with our own laser equipment.

Koch Construction utilizes the latest technology and will set elevations when a level floor is critical. With Koch Construction's specialized equipment, self-leveling concrete can be poured up to 20,000 square feet a day...an efficient application and fast drying time to keep you on schedule.

Spalled, rough, old slabs may be capped for a floor that's like new. Soft, deteriorated lightweight concrete can be sealed and poured with 1/4" Level-Right.Koch Construction utilizes both gypsum based and Portland cement-based underlayments to match your project specification and budget.


  • Gypsum cement-based underlayments with compression strengths up to 4500 psi
  • Portland cement based self-leveling underlayments with compression strengths up to 5500 psi
  • Laser Leveled Floors
  • Acousti-Mat sound control systems for condos, apartments, houses, high rise office buildings, commercial buildings, open ceiling renovations, etc., increasing the sound rating of any floor/ceiling assembly
  • Resurfacing lightweight concrete, spalled concrete, rough unfinished concrete
  • Therma-Floor underlayment as the heat mass for radiant floors
  • Smooth and level old wood floors
  • Leveling over hollow core and precast concrete planks
  • Encapsulating vinyl asbestos tile 
  • Specification Assistance 
  • Systems Advisors for:
    - Sound Control 
    - Fire Ratings 
    - Specifications